List of Great Reads (& Listens)

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I’ve been on this quest to maximize my time and learn as much as I possibly can to further my life and community goals for many years now.  I read (and listen) to a lot of amazing advice and research.  It’s a tremendous source of learning and support on my journey.  I was that little girl who would leave the library with a stack of books so high I could barely carry them.   My kids are still young, which means less ‘traditional’ reading time however, I’m in love with podcasts and after great advice from a friend a few years ago (to maximize the wasted time spent commuting) am an avid Audible book fan.

I hope you enjoy my list of recent reads that stood out (at some point I will make time to create a comprehensive list of all of my favorites).

Do you have recommendations for my reading/listening list? Do tell!  Leave a comment and let me know.

Updated October 14, 2017

Mental Load, Gender Equality and Work/Life 

Perseverance and Success Mindset

  • I finished reading my latest (Audible) book, GRIT The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth.  It’s a fascinating read on her research about what constitutes ‘grit’, which goes beyond persistence to lead to exceptional performance in work and in life.  This was helpful as a way to think about my career and perhaps even more so, parenting strategies with my children.  Worthy of your time.  Enjoy watching her TED Talk if you’d like the quick summary.
  • A great Podcast interview with Nancy Lubin, founder of Dress for Success, and Crisis Text Line, about ‘grit’ and how she grew all of these amazing non profits despite the obstacles and lack of resources.  You can view the summary and listen here, it’s from the Master’s of Scale podcast hosted by Reid Hoffman.

Productivity & Creativity

  • My friend Emily recommended I check out Gretchen Rubin years ago and I finally got around to it!  I took her quiz on the 4 tendencies — basically describing how you typically respond to expectations.  I’m an Upholder… married to a Rebel. Contemplating this.
  • I believe creativity is closely linked to productivity. This Atlantic article, How Motherhood Affects Creativity is well-written and thought provoking.  It’s long but worth it!
  • I enjoyed this article, another from First Round Capital’s blog, which is more focused on work productivity (something I seek to improve all of the time) “Our 6 Must Reads To Make Self-Care Your Competitive Advantage”.  It looks at self-care broadly, being engaged and ‘in flow’ with tasks and work that you enjoy, bringing your ‘A game’ to your projects by employing abundant thinking… a worthwhile read.
  • Great article from First Round Capital’s blog, “Our 6 Must Reads For Scaling Yourself As a Leader.” Solid advice on organizing your calendar and time, recognizing your level of mental energy to optimize tasks and delegation versus the responsibilities you need to handle personally.
  • A friend in Sydney shared this Business Insider post on LinkedIn…I Left My Corporate Job and These 8 Things Became Clear.. I read it and kept nodding my head and even laughed.  The first one in effect says, ‘meetings and death will be the death of us all’… need I say more?
  • I listen to the Productivityist podcast often and this week, Shawn Stevenson author of “Sleep Smarter” was interviewed and shared insights from his research on the biology associated with sleep and deeper sleep that were new to me. I just bought his book ‘Sleep Smarter’ on Audible, but haven’t listened to it yet, but getting better quality (and more) sleep is a priority of mine.

Leadership, Business & Strategy

  • Loved Tim Ferris’ podcast interview with Reid Hoffman on the ‘Top 10 Commandments for Start-Up Success’.  Advice from ultra successful start up teams.
  • A friend, Rachel Happe, crowdsourced an incredible list of books about leadership and strategy written by women.  I’ve read many of the books on this list but there are at least 15 that are on my ‘wish list’ to tackle over the next few months.   Inc. magazine published the full list.
  • I recently ‘read’  The Transformational Consumer by Tara-Nicholle Nelson (listened on Audible).  Fun book for fellow marketing geeks or if you’re interested in consumer behavior and market research.  It was an informative deep dive into customer journey mapping.  I recently started a new role at work and am in the midst of learning about a new customer segment, so it was perfect for me!


Did you enjoy this? Suggestions for my reading list?  Please let me know in the comments or for updates please join the mailing list!  

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