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What is Self-Care? Spoiler Alert, It’s Not On Your To-Do List

It Begins With Self-Love. Today and Everyday!

Self-care is your divine right to emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. It’s belief, intention and action. Self-care cannot be purchased. It’s not something ‘else’ to ‘fit in.’ It’s a mindset.

Society doesn’t champion Moms yet wants to conflate our self-worth with achievement. We’re cheerfully encouraged to busy-ourselves-to-death. We work unsustainable schedules, to pay for unaffordable childcare. It’s a tiring race to the bottom.

In the trance-of-busy, we push healthy to ‘someday’ when it’s ‘easier’ for everyone else. Self-care values your comfort, today. It is generosity with yourself, in ways that are possible, now.

Self-care is unapologetic reverence for your own time. It’s belief that your family is stronger with you at your strongest. It’s an investment that spills over into all relationships.

Outsource, spouse-source and set boundaries. You are worth more to your family than your to-do list. Your legacy will come from love, presence and endurance.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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