How is Social Distance Affecting Your Life and What do you Need to be Happier and Healthier Right Now?

Social distance, sheltering-in-place and quarantines, have altered lives and livelihoods across our community. During this surreal and difficult time, many of us are stepping into new roles and trying to answer the unanswerable questions. We support our families, neighbors and friends in extraordinary ways, even while our work has come home with us, increased or disappeared altogether.

It’s even more important now to connect, share and learn with each other.

Are you doing more or less housework? If you are partnered, how are the rules at home changing? What’s happening to your work productivity? Is socially distant self-care even a thing? What have you dropped? What changes would you like to keep when sheltering-in-place ends?

Share your experiences of how life has changed since social distance started. It’s quick and the results from this study will be used to advocate better support for parents.

I’m grateful for your time! As always, your responses are completely anonymous and I will share the results in the coming weeks.

I would love to have as many parents as possible represented. Please feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues!

Are you in Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion or Corporate Leadership?  Learn how you can use data to retain and support working parents through the pandemic and beyond.



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