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The Hidden Heroes of This Pandemic

Moms are heroic. Yes, you are a hero.

We set up the meal chains, sewing circles and food drives. We do the essential or remote work and make it look seamless, even though we juggle. Struggle. Zooming kids, looming deadlines and grocery-bingo fade in and out of days without edges. We manage our fears and just keep on soothing. We remain available and reliable to the people in our lives. Being at home has always meant being busy.

The next great act for Moms may just be learning to self-care ‘in place.’

Together, Forward

You may have found your footing emotionally, financially or professionally before the pandemic. Or you were about to unravel and needed a serious reset.

Wherever you were it doesn’t matter now. Let go of any guilt or self-recrimination about how you’re handling things based on what once was. You’re doing it, something you’ve never done before. So, it’s crazy and it’s messy but it’s also beautiful.

Escape the Mental Trap of Home = Busy

Many of us rediscovered our spark someplace outside of the home. Whether at work, on the yoga mat, the trail or on the page, we found someplace where we could soak up some bliss and listen to our inner voice. The time away from home offered a pause from the overwhelm. And it created enough distance, between our ambitions and household responsibilities, to rise. Out in the world, we felt free to reengage with the interests that fuel our inner fire.

Self-Care In Place

We love caring for our families. But we also love how it feels when we care for ourselves.

Although self-care is different now and setting boundaries at home is challenging, too many demands dim our inner light. And it’s that spark that makes us patient, playful, present mothers and partners.

Can you imagine, boldly taking the space we need right inside of sheltered-with-family life? To achieve some semblance of self-care without childcare? In plain sight? Even during this pause we can learn how to create room for ourselves.

That’s what real freedom would be like for Moms. Instead of rushing to ‘do’ or respond in every situation, we rest. We relax and home becomes a sanctuary for us, not just our families. When we’re no longer in control of the household, we can be part of it.

Your Mother’s Day Gift to Yourself

Whatever it is you’re doing or not doing, thinking about or ignoring, you are a superhero in this pandemic. It may not feel that way but the quiet strength and determination of Mothers holds families and communities together.

Wishing you peace and health, this Mother’s Day and every day!

Share your experiences of how life has changed during social distance, it’s quick and the results from this study will be used to advocate better support for parents.

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