Why Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs?

When so many of us ignore burning ideas to launch projects into the world after we have kids, what gets in our way?  When we’re at work yet thinking about everything going on at home, what’s behind it and how can we change it for our children?

Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs is a community where Moms can feel safe, understood and supported in the desire to reduce stress, prioritize self-care, dream big dreams and live in possibility.  Where it’s okay to step outside of the ‘Mom box’ we’re all expected to fit in.

The ‘hierarchy’ was developed with input from over 100 Moms and Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs research studies are focused on making us stronger, healthier and happier.

About the Founder, Leslie Forde

Leslie has over 20 years of marketing, research, business development and growth strategy experience. At work, she’s currently focused on expanding access to college-readiness for kids in high school.

She’s also held brand management, strategy, research and leadership roles in consumer services, products, media and publishing companies. Many years ago, she took a brief professional pivot and went to culinary school. You’ll occasionally see recipes about embracing menus that work for the whole family and save time cooking.

Leslie advocates access to health, wealth and wisdom for people with the quietest voices – kids and marginalized adults. She’s a passionate volunteer for a number of causes.

Articles & Podcast Appearances in Other Publications

Leslie’s writing about parenting, motherhood and equity has appeared in The Washington Post, Slate, Parents Magazine and her website, Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs among other publications.

She’s been quoted in Fast Company, NBC NewsUS News & World Report, HerMoneyFairy God Boss, Livingly and several other outlets and books. She’s appeared on the Women Inspired, Mama NowMama Minimalist  and The 43 Percent podcasts to discuss Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs research and the beautiful complexity modern Moms experience.

Interested in joining the community, recommending a Mom to interview, book to review, partnering or working together?

Please get in touch with questions, comments and to explore opportunities!


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