Why Did I Create Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs?

Last summer, I was explaining to co-founders of a company I advise, why Moms are stressed.  At one point, I said, you know, there’s ‘Maslow’s hierarchy of needs’ and then there’s ‘Mom’s hierarchy of needs’.  Immediately after saying it I was intrigued about how other Moms would define it.  What do we prioritize and why?   How does this change over time?  When so many of us ignore burning ideas to launch exciting projects into the world after we have children, what gets in our way?  When we’re at work yet thinking about everything going on at home, what’s behind it and how can we change it for our children?  All of these things prompted me to launch my first survey to better understand how other Moms make decisions, manage stress and handle the juggle.

About Me

My name is Leslie Forde, I run product marketing for a kids daily news program (grades 3 – 12) for an educational publisher full-time. I’m also a writer, active volunteer in my community, advisor and mentor to early stage start-ups, a wife and mother of two amazing kids, ages 7 and 3.  I founded a professional development group for Moms in my city, Boston WIN.  Many moons ago I went to culinary school and still LOVE everything about food (which is why you’ll occasionally see recipes & posts about embracing menus that work for the whole family and save time cooking). I worked my way through high school and college as a market researcher, hence my love of surveys and data to uncover solutions.

I struggle with whether I’ve taken on too much or not enough.  I am blessed to have the family and friends I have.  I learn new things daily. Intentionally.  Starting this site gave me a place to write personally and creatively again after many years.

I believe every Mom is sitting on some idea or desire she’s ignoring for the perceived greater good of being a caregiver.  I see Moms stressed in big and small ways daily that affect their energy and will to take care of themselves.  I believe many Moms seek a supportive community that really ‘gets them’ and cares that they are feeling and doing their best, in whatever ways matter to them.  Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs is a community where Moms can feel safe, understood and supported in the desire to reduce stress, prioritize self-care, dream big dreams and live in possibility.  Where it’s okay to step outside of the ‘Mom box’ we’re all expected to fit in.

If you’d like to get the every week-ish update and receive invitations to take future surveys to better understand Mom-stress and opportunities for self-care, please let me know and I’ll add you to the mailing list.

Best wishes,



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