Increase Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion

Parents are your employees and customers, so you’re already a stakeholder in their health and success. This pandemic has strained or eliminated the fragile infrastructure caregivers need and is pushing talented people, often Moms, out of the workforce. 

You can help change all of that.

Work with us to support caregivers in your organization. 

Caregiver diagnostic & tailored action plan for your organization. 

Get results within as little as 2 weeks to prioritize the many, competing pandemic requests among your employees. Figure out how many caregivers you actually have and receive a custom action plan to:

    • Adjust your culture, benefits and policies as conditions change.
    • Use data to make the business case for gaps in benefits (i.e. childcare and/or senior care, mental health care,) work/life policies, return to work and remote work plans.
    • Communicate current benefits and updates in ways that resonate with your employees.

Live employee engagement sessions.

Live sessions, grounded in research.

Help Employees feel heard, manage wellness, engage in self-care and grow professionally:

    • Employee Resource Groups (i.e., Working Parents, Working Moms, Black Parents and/or Parents of Color)
    • People Managers cultivate empathy and awareness for how to support working parents on their teams. 

Schedule a Conversation 

We use the Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs® proprietary framework to illustrate how and why most parents prioritize and develop a program tailored to your organization’s needs.

The research studies examine and highlight how the tradeoffs affect wellbeing and professional growth for caregivers. 

Mom's Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid

 Yes. I Would Like Additional Information 

I’m interested in learning how Allies @ Work programs support retention, employee engagement, diversity, inclusion and sustainable workplace practices.

Please send me additional information about a quick diagnostic for my workforce and periodic email updates. 


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