Brands That Get Moms

The customer journey for Moms is more complicated than you think. 

Few Moms travel a linear path to discover the brands in their lives. 

You’re trying to engage and build loyalty with the busiest people on the planet. To become an ally, you need real insight into how Mom prioritizes.

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We know Moms control the overwhelming majority of household spending but how do they prioritize? When do they invoke ‘plan b or c’? Understand the tradeoffs and triumphs in the Mom-life juggle so your brand becomes a trusted partner.

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Participate in the next Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs brand program! It combines insights with activation tools.

You’ll receive:

  • Insights Report and Live Readout – Deep dive into a slice of Mom’s journey 
  • Sampling (to 1,500 – 2,000 targeted Moms)
  • Tailored Content Marketing Toolkit – Ready-to-use and sharable social assets, customized for your brand and audience
  • Recognition in the press release and infographics for the program

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How Will This Help My Brand?

We help brands with the insights that strengthen understanding of and allegiance with Moms by providing a candid view of:

  • Where Moms struggle.
  • Where Moms thrive.
  • When Moms seek help.
  • How Moms find inspiration, motivation and resolve to change behavior.

We use the Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs proprietary framework to help articulate the mental energy and planning associated with Moms’ choices and how that inspires behavior change.

Mom's Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid

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