Burgers on Wheat Buns

Beef burger on a wheat bun with Zucchini & Pea Salad

You’ll see several variations on the burger from me throughout the summer — traditional (as I did today) with ground beef, ‘bork’ (beef/pork combination), turkey and even chicken.

The best thing about burgers — if you’re buying rolls or have made them ahead, it’s a lightening fast weeknight food and it’s easy to modify for kids that may not be ‘ready’ for burgers yet.


Prep takes about 5 – 10 minutes max.  I use one very large frying pan to pan sear all at once (4 burgers) and at 3 – 5 minutes per side at most this dinner easily comes in at 20 minutes or less total time.

This is a 1X (feeds my family of 4 people once) meal… if you have kids (or a spouse) that will eat more than one burger, consider doubling & save any excess burger patties in the the freezer (frozen flat in freezer safe bags or if stacking; in a container, oil parchment paper to place in-between raw patties before freezing).

While the burgers are cooking, I made a quick salad and sliced additional vegetables for the kids.

Number of Servings:

4 people (I vary mine to make 2 larger ‘grown up’ burgers and 2 small ‘kiddie’ burgers, if you have a larger package of beef you can make 5 burgers or could possibly make 6 smaller burgers evenly sized). As mentioned above, any excess if your family is smaller or there are less burger eaters, the meat can freeze for another time.


Steps to Put this On Your Table:

Kid Modifications:

Serve with (on or alongside — as I did for my kids, see picture below) burger rolls and top with your favorite burger condiments: i.e. slice of cheese for Cheeseburgers, ketchup, salsa, avocado, mustard, slow cooked onions…. whatever brings you burger happiness.

Did you try this?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Beef burgers - kid modifications

Kid modifications to beef burgers. My kids are still not aware of ‘burger magic’ but they’ll eat the components. I place a bun on the side, sometimes spread with a little hummus. A small beef patty is cut and placed on the side. salad (peas, zucchini


Beef burger on a wheat bun with Zucchini & Pea Salad

Beef burger on a wheat bun with zucchini & pea Salad, farmer’s market tomato on the side with a touch of salt.

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