Faux ‘I-Don’t-Have-Any-Dry-Rub’ Dry Rub

Marinating BBQ chicken thighs with Dry Rub & Rosemary

You may have noticed that dry rub is mentioned in many of my recipes.  I love barbecue…and barbecue-esque flavors.  Maybe it’s because I love summer so much or because I love flavorful, richly seasoned food… maybe it’s because I long for the space to have an outdoor grill again.  Whatever the reason, enjoy the BBQ recipes (which I sometimes even break out in the middle of snowy Northeast winter).

I keep a large (1 cup or so) container of Dry Rub on my spice shelf and make it every few weeks or so.  This is when I’ve run out of that stash and need some quick rub for a particular dish that day.

Feel free to triple or 4X this formula to have your own dry rub stash, stored in a cool dry place in an airtight container.

Note, despite the spices my children (ages 6 & 2) enjoy foods rubbed with this and don’t find them overly spicy.  If someone in your family is ‘spice sensitive’ apply a light touch when marinating or just ‘rub off’ the offending dry rub with some olive oil and a clean paper towel if needed on the finished product.

What to use this on?

Just about everything you can sear, grill, braise or slow cook… chicken and pork work best.  However, I’ve also used successfully on turkey, beef, added to burgers.  Fish…yes… even fish fillets taste good with a barbecue vibe.



Just combine all of the ingredients and if you have (or make) extra, store it in an airtight dry container.  It will keep for 3 – 4 weeks.

Mix Ins:

If you’d like to add to this, as I often do, some great ‘mix ins’ are:  1 tsp of chopped rosemary or thyme leaves (as shown on the chicken below), if you want a ‘wet’ rub, substitute the brown sugar with molasses or honey, 1 or 2 tbsp. of mustard, etc.  So many possibilities!


Marinating the chicken with a dry rub mixed with mustard & rosemary.

Marinating the chicken with a dry rub mixed with mustard & rosemary.