Roast beet, snap pea & arugula salad

Roast beet, snap pea and arugula salad picture.

This is so easy to make I hesitate to even call it a ‘salad’.  This was a last minute ‘throw together’ of the vegetables I had on hand and I typically vary the texture, color and flavors a bit with each salad I make.

Quick, weeknight ‘even though it looks good enough to serve on the weekends’ 5-minutes or less salad.  For the kids, just put the same veggies (or subset that they will eat) from the salad for the grownups ‘a la carte’ (and not touching each other) on their plates.

This serves 2 adults as a side salad.  It can easily be ‘bulked up’ with olives and protein (i.e. chicken) to become a more substantial main dish salad.

Steps to put this on your table:

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