Shrimp with garlic & seared shisito peppers over cous cous & tomato salad 

Shrimp, shisito peppers & garlic over tomatoes & cous cous

Once again, the ever-ready bag of shrimp in the freezer saved my bacon!

So, holiday week… yes, I had these visions of making an amazing, special holiday dinner each night of the holiday weekend… alas, life stayed busy and despite a record 3 times at the grocery store this week I didn’t quite have everything I needed.

Frozen shrimp to the rescue!  Did you read my post about my ‘system’ and how it works? Well, having certain things (proteins, grains, vegetables) in your freezer and pantry at all times is essential to not having to feel forced into ordering take out or having something subpar to eat as a last resort.


Shrimp, even with the defrosting time, typically takes me 15 to 20 minutes time all in.  This meal is (1 X) feeds my family once and has a lot of flexibility to it.  I used shisito peppers because I was wildly excited to see them at Trader Joe’s (versus where I regularly see them on restaurant menus).  We love them (not for the kids but for us) and you can just as easily omit or if you want an alternate, use a sliced bell pepper.

Chopping prep for shrimp, pepper & cous cous tomato salad

Minimal chopping for a weeknight. Shisito peppers, garlic, carrots, cucumbers & tomatoes.


Steps to Put This On Your Table:

Kids plates - cous cous, tomato, cucumbers & carrots on the side

Kids plates – cous cous, tomato, cucumbers & carrots on the side



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