Slow Cooker Sunday Sauce – Tomato, Sausage, Short & Country Style Ribs

Picture of Sunday sauce over pappardelle noodles

Sunday sauce, although not something I grew up with, is a concept I wholeheartedly approve of.  Tomato sauce, lots of different proteins (sausage and/or slow cooked pork or meats)… I have made a lot of Sunday sauce recipes over the past 10 years and have experimented with quite a few of my own mash ups.

This was a bit of a mashup — part Marcella Hazan butter sauce, America’s Test Kitchen Sunday Sauce and Food & Wine Short Rib Sunday Sauce — because I was inspired to make Sunday sauce while dashing through the aisles at the grocery store (where I get most of my menu inspiration) and without thinking, I decided to ‘try’ mixing short ribs (super hearty, rich beef) with slow cooked pork and sausage (which cooks a little quicker).

However, it didn’t quite work the way I wanted – although it was very delicious in the end, I’m going to recommend some changes to save you some distress.


To brown the meats, do a little chopping (not much, note the onion’s quartered and the garlic cloves left whole, but some), open the cans and prep everything it’ll take about 15 – 25 minutes of prep time. Less if you season the meats and cut the onions and garlic the day before.

The GREAT news, this is mostly a hands-off ‘cooks itself’ dish that I adapted for the slow cooker but could also easily be made stovetop (which I have).


Meats/proteins –


Picture of Sunday sauce prep work

See? Barely any chopping – I was in a huge hurry the morning I put this together, running late for my son’s soccer practice…took very little time, even easier if you cut the onions & garlic the night before.

Steps to put this on your table:

Browned, beef short ribs – pre slow cooker.

Enjoy this!  Serve it over pappardelle, rigatoni, penne or a hearty grain like Barley, it’s delicious over just about anything!

Picture of Sunday sauce over pappardelle noodles

So good Sunday sauce – mostly cooks by itself in slow cooker magic land. Make a huge batch & serve leftovers during the week or freeze.

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