Testimonials – Unlocking Work-Life Balance: Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs

Empowering Lives

Transforming Lives with Mom's Hierarchy of Needs

 At Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs, we not only create a community, but we also generate a positive and transformative impact on the professional and personal lives of our members. Our unique approach and innovative tools have led to significant results that have resonated in all aspects of the lives of those who are part of our community.

In our pandemic study:

  • 97% of parents in our study lack the psychological safety to ask their managers for what they really need.
  • Nearly half (48%) cite doing not as well as asual o ‘terribly’ as workers.
  • 75% surveyed are doing either ‘terribly’ or ‘not as well as usual’ at self-care.

Lynn Harwell, VP of Administration the Barr Foundation

“Our leadership team began working with Leslie during the Covid19 pandemic to better understand our employees as caregivers and how everyone was faring. Leveraging her knowledge and experience in leadership positions at organizations including Care.com, Leslie also enabled us to identify additional ways to support our employees’ wellness needs and provide resources to promote healthier and happier work environments for all. Partnering with Leslie was invaluable as the ongoing pandemic unearthed a variety of unique and evolving challenges. As part of our continued enhancements to our employee handbook leave policies through a DEI lens, we’ve embedded the importance of caregiving for our loved ones, ourselves, and others in our communities. Thank you, Leslie!”

Here's what our clients have said

As a working parent, I can appreciate the mental clutter and overload experienced during Covid-19. Our Working Parents ERG recently invited @Leslie Forde, Founder of Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs, to help our employees navigate and create space for their well-being both inside and outside of work.

Chief Human Resource Officer, Tiffany

Huge thanks to the incredible Leslie Forde for her presentation today on overcoming the mental clutter of Covid with Balancing Act@State for the Department of State’s TalentCare month!  Thank you Leslie for your continued leadership in the work-life space and inspiring ideas!

Diplomat, US Department of State

Real Stories of Positive Impact with Allies at Work

Testimonials reveal that Allies at Work has a profoundly positive impact on employees, addressing crucial challenges and transforming the work experience. Here is how it is described based on the testimonials:

Psychological Support: The testimonial highlights that 97% of parents in the study lack the psychological safety to express their real needs to managers. Allies at Work addresses this gap by providing a safe space and emotional support for employees to share their concerns and needs.

Impact on Work Performance: Almost half of the respondents experience difficulties in work performance, and 75% struggle with self-care. Testimonials suggest that Allies at Work counteracts these negative statistics by offering live sessions that connect well-being with performance, addressing challenges, and providing practical solutions.

Inclusion and Equity: Testimonials emphasize the importance of applying an equity lens to work/life policies, benefits, and cultural norms. The platform presents itself as an active advocate for inclusion and equity, providing tools and guidance that empower employees and leaders to build fairer work environments.

Support for ERGs: Testimonials indicate that ERGs, such as groups for parents and caregivers, find a valuable ally in Allies at Work. The platform not only offers specific programs but also builds supportive communities, providing a space for employees to share experiences and support each other.

Tangible Actions: The platform stands out for providing a prioritized list of critical supports and customizable benefits, offering practical responses to specific challenges. Furthermore, data-driven guidance and exclusive studies demonstrate a commitment to addressing specific issues and continually improving.

These testimonials reveal that Allies at Work goes beyond merely offering solutions; it creates a tangible impact by addressing emotional complexities, improving work performance, and fostering a more inclusive and equitable work culture.

We feel So lucky to have your continued support and expertise Leslie!! Thank you for everything you do to help us grow!

Chief People Officer at HubSpot

Thank you to Leslie Forde for our amazing HubSpot wellness challenge this month thinking about Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs. It all helps

Customer Success Manager at HubSpot

Such a great meeting! Best hour I’ve spent in a while. Thanks, Leslie …and BalancingAct!

Innovation Leader, US Department of State