The Mom’s Hierarchy Of Needs Manifesto | Community Values

The Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs Manifesto

Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs — Community Values

Dilemmas Moms Face:

  • Every mom is sitting on some wonderful idea that can change her life or change the world, and she’s either too tired, fearful or time constrained to implement it.
  • Moms lack predictable discretionary time. Our children’s developmental needs come first and all of our other priorities fall below that.
  • However, the way Moms have to prioritize time, never really ‘leaves’ any time on the table for self-care, personal or professional growth (the top priorities, kids milestones, activities, household, etc. are perpetual…they’re never really ‘done’.)
  • For working Moms, career advancement and/or entrepreneurship is part of ‘the answer’ to greater control over our time and income. Yet, the activities to do so often elude Moms due to once again, limited discretionary time or access (to networks/resources.)
  • It sucks to feel stressed all of the time. It sucks to feel that taking even a minute for yourself, to breathe, to take a class, to read a book, to think, to plan is ‘stolen’ time. The stress from being in demand, by everyone and everywhere in our lives quickly becomes untenable.
  • Moments that should be joyful are spent worrying and planning and ‘doing’ everything that is to be done for the family and we push our own needs to the bottom of the list.
  • Big dreams, big plans and ambitions that could catapult our financial freedom and upend the constant struggle for control over our time end up on indefinite hold while we ‘wait’ for the ‘right time’ and the resentment that builds from the waiting and striving in the wrong-lane with ‘forced priorities’ becomes another bitter pill to swallow.
  • We fear the dreams we held for our adult selves are becoming increasingly invisible and the Mom-box everyone wants to put us in doesn’t leave room for our unique voices to be heard.
  • We dismiss, diminish and hide our talents as we conform to society’s belief that women should be humble, seen and seldom truly heard.
  • While we are overjoyed for our children, we are not all fine. Few Moms are doing ‘fine’ many are suffering from stress/anxiety/depression, and that isn’t right for us or our families.
  • Uneven household and childcare responsibilities drains the vitality from our partnerships. What began as deep connections built upon spark and mutual respect, feels lonely post-kids. Enduring bonds are built from solidarity and equality.

Opportunities we Have:

  • We can lift each other up. We can get crafty and reexamine every false assumption to squeeze more discretionary time from our days and reinvest our energy into what fires us up and will change our lives for the better.
  • We can begin to see all of the changes we roll with, naturally, in Mom-land as point of advantage not just pride. We can harness this inner strength to do whatever serves us.
  • We can learn to unlock our talents and realize our potential. With less stress, guilt and more inner peace. This time has to be carved out and there are countless Moms doing exactly that. We can do it too.
  • We are capable of finding the shortcuts to getting healthier, happier, smarter, stronger and more secure, emotionally and financially.
  • We can put ourselves and our well-being onto the agenda everyday. Great for us and our families.

Why Join the Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs Community? What’s it all about?


  • Understand and manage Momstress
  • Save and optimize time
  • Self care is not selfish…banish dreaded Mom-guilt!
  • Change mindset to better control the time we do have
  • Practical, time-efficient ways to get healthier (i.e. stress, food, fitness)
  • Reclaim identity


  • Accelerate career success
  • Discover paths to entrepreneurship & business growth
  • Tips and mindset to acquire new skills
  • Permission and encouragement to have fun and pursue interests

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