For the Love Of Food: 1 Chicken, 3 Easy Meals | Family Meal Planning

For the Love Of Food: 1 Chicken, 3 Easy Meals

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It took a while (ok years) to adjust from cooking, as a hobby (making battenburg cake, homemade cheese with my husband, perfecting my croissant dough) to cooking for sustenance (read speedier-to-cook-meals-the-whole-family-can-eat.)

Once I fully embraced this new normal, I started seeking opportunities to make it more enjoyable, delicious, mostly nutritious and yes, time-efficient.

Early on, I wrote a post about how I handle weekly meal planning because the ‘how do you cook everyday’ question is one I’m asked often.

I’d like to share one of my menu all-stars, the humble chicken. I know, I know…it’s not fancy (although it can be.) It’s typically viewed as ‘too much time.’ True for a weeknight, however, the productivity gained from cooking just one chicken is pretty amazing.

Let’s do the chicken math shall we?

One chicken (whether roasted or slow cooked) = 15 to 20 minutes of hands-on prep time and roughly $15 (for a whole organic grocery-store chicken.)

With the 2 or 3 left-over inspired meals it makes for my family (more if you count the stock) and cost per serving  ($5 – $7.50 per main dish protein…for a family of four,) it’s pretty awesome.

I’ve come to enjoy chicken and am getting better at dreaming up chickeny-good-spin off recipes. Think of a chicken as an investment to save you time and money later in the week. If you’re really not into cooking a whole chicken, you can also do any of the below recipes with a rotisserie bird from the grocery store.

Quick Recap. Why Chicken?

  • Tends to work with a variety of food likes/dislikes & particularities (ahem pickyisms)
  • One chicken = 2 to 3 or more meals plus 10 – 12 cups of chicken stock. Saving precious time
  • It’s readily available, regardless of where you do your food shopping
  • It pairs well with a wide range of side-dishes

How To Make Your Chicken

Leftovers For Your Chicken

Let me know if you try something or have questions in the comments!  To get a (mostly) weekly update with new posts from MHN or invitations to new surveys, please let me know.

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