All Purpose ‘Leftovers Reimagined’ Burrito Recipe

Open faced burrito (before it's rolled)

I know this sounds a little vague doesn’t it? Trust me, many of your leftovers can be successfully reintroduced to your family as burritos (for the grown ups) and for the kids, I just make a cheese/hummus quesadilla and put the protein & burrito veggies on the side.

Kids quesadilla with chicken and veggies on the side.

Kids plate, cheese & hummus quesadilla with Brazilian style chicken, carrots & peas on the side.


The preparation for this is fast and easy, this is one of my ‘ready in 15 minutes from start to finish’ dinners. Warming up the leftovers, wrapping the burritos and serving any fresh veggies you decide to for your kids on the side still takes less than 15 minutes.


Steps to get this onto your table:


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